Ride Warriors Club Holiday Party

December 9, 2016

Ride Warriors Club Holiday Party

The Ride Warriors Club (RWC) met on Sunday December 4th from 10am until around 3pm at Cedar Point for a holiday party. It had been a little bit over a month since the park closed for the season, so our excitement to be back started as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. We walked up to the main entrance to get in line for check in at guest services. Tony Clark checked our membership cards, and we were free to enter the park. Once everyone was checked in, the tour begun.



The tour started out right by the carousel. Then, we were led by Tony and Kristy down the midway and turned left towards Blue Streak. We walked by Valravn shortly after and towards the marina gate. The first stop was made by Sky Ride, Scrambler, and Matterhorn. We got to see Scrambler and Matterhorn all taken apart, which was a rare site.




The tour continued on past Celebration Plaza and Rougarou on the way to Millennium Force. Tony decided to let us walk up the Fast Lane entrance to the ramp and all the way up into the station. This was very special considering we never see the ride without any trains in the station or on the transfer track. We took lots of pictures on the way up to the station and inside it. Tony had us exit out the back of the station by controls where we got another unique view of the lift hill. We got to walk in the employee area and eventually got on the actual exit path.




We walked down Frontier Trail past the old Shoot the Rapids site. Tony jokingly said not to look to the right when we walked past it. We have a feeling that RipCord will go in that area at some point. When we got to the Frontier Town sign right before crossing the bridge between Maverick and Snake River Falls, Tony said we were going to turn around. Of course everyone was disappointed because we all wanted to see Mean Streak. It turned out that he was just kidding, so we made our way across the bridge and towards Cedar Creek Mine Ride. We kept walking that way and turned left once we reached Cedar Creek Trading Company and the General Store. We were getting excited since we could see Mean Streak from here. We thought they might actually take us back to that area, but unfortunately we stopped in front of Roundup. At this point, Tony told us his favorite part about the offseason. He had us all be completely quiet for a moment to demonstrate how peaceful it is without the park operating.




We retraced part of our trail by going back the way we had come, but this time we walked in the direction of SlingShot. Something cool was Tony letting us walk in an employee area to the left of SlingShot where we got a good view of Mean Streak. That path led us out to the Soak City parking lot where we walked towards Magnum. As we approached it, we saw construction going on everywhere for Cedar Point Shores. In addition, RipCord pieces were still lying on the ground where Challenge Racing used to be. We continued to walk on the road that leads to Hotel Breakers. We made a stop at the spot right on top of the tunnel that connected Challenge Park to Cedar Point. We learned that they will be getting rid of the tunnel and making it flat, so we will have to cross the road to get to the entrance. This entrance will look very similar to the one at the marina gate. We also learned that Magnum’s photo booth is being torn down, but they will be building a new one.





Continuing on to Breakers, we saw the old Challenge Golf site. This will be a new parking area for people staying at the hotel. They are also going to build a new tower as an addition to the current hotel that will contain 158 new rooms. It will open in 2018. There will even be a new pool or splash pad area according to Tony and Kristy. We traveled around the outside of the hotel to get to Lakeside Pavillion. We could see parts from different rides, such as Millennium Force cars, sitting under the shelter.




Lunch took place inside the building at Lakeside Pavillion. They were serving salad, sandwiches, and two types of soup: chili and broccoli cheese. Dessert included chocolate chip cookies, s’mores, and pie. Like always, the beverages were Coke products. After lunch, we headed upstairs into a special room for a presentation. Tony and Jason gave us information about upcoming events, important dates, and new projects. They also did a Q&A session at the end and a raffle for items such as banners, Valravn coats, bags, and Mean Streak stuff.



Once the presentation was over, we all went outside again for the last part of the tour. We walked out of Lakeside Pavillion by WindSeeker and continued to the Wicked Twister midway. We kept going towards GateKeeper, but turned right once we reached the MaXair. From there, it was back to the front. We stopped in front of guest services to listen to Tony thanking us for coming and telling us to pick up our gift inside the building. They gave each of us a limited edition Cedar Point Christmas ornament. We thought this was very cool. Unfortunately, this concluded the party, and we had to head out. We would like to thank the staff at Cedar Point for having us there and preparing everything for that day. We had a lot of fun and cannot wait until Winter Chillout in February!


Important Dates to Remember:
~Winter Chillout: February 25, 2017
~Opening Day: May 6, 2017
~Coaster Campout: May 13, 2017
~Brew and Barbeque: May 19, 2017
~Cedar Point Shores Preview Night for Passholders: May 26, 2017
~Cedar Point Shores Opening Day: May 27, 2017
~CoasterMania: June 2, 2017

Presentation Information:
~Breakers Express
~Name change to Cedar Point’s Express Hotel
~New paint, windows, lobby, furniture, carpet, and walls
~Adding 69 new rooms
~Keeping headboards with park pictures
~Hot tub removed and being replaced with splash pad for kids
~Microwave and mini fridge added to rooms

Cedar Point Shores
~One entrance to waterpark instead of two
~New Magnum gate with no tunnel
~47 total slides will be open in May

2017 Ride Warriors Club
~Lower price: $99
~Going on sale in a couple weeks hopefully
~Coffee and coasters morning ERT
~Behind the scenes tours
~One time Fast Lane passes
~No membership card; will be put on season pass
~Holiday party
~Sunrise Thrills Tour coming back

Blog by: Jenny Fiedler

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