Chalet Toboggan Chutes

January 19, 2017

Are you going crazy because you miss riding roller coasters? Are you looking for something fun to do in the offseason? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then making a trip to the Chalet Toboggan Chutes located in the Cleveland Metroparks is perfect for you!

We recently tried this out on New Year’s Eve and had a blast. It costs $6 for one ride and $12 for unlimited rides all day. There is even an option of buying a season pass for $60 if you plan to go back there multiple times.


When we arrived, we were not sure what to expect. We saw two giant chutes going down a hill at a very steep angle and heard people screaming as they went down the hill on a toboggan. After buying our tickets, we got in line. The line can get very long at times, but it is definitely worth the wait. You normally have to walk up a bunch of steps before reaching the end of the line, which is a great way to get in some exercise. Fortunately, they do not make you carry the toboggans to the top. Instead, they have a conveyor that pulls them up.

After waiting in line for about an hour, we finally made it to the top and were next to ride. The worker grabbed a toboggan and set it down on the track for us to sit on. They allow up to four people to ride at a time, so all four of us could go together. When we sat down, the worker had each of us pull up on the handles, which was how we had to hold on for the duration of the ride. He also had us arrange our legs so they were not hanging off the sides.
Now it was time to ride! The worker pulled the lever to move our toboggan towards the hill.
Suddenly, the toboggan started falling down the hill, speeding up along the way. When we got
to the bottom, the brakes brought us to a stop. The ride felt so fast while going down the hill, just like a roller coaster. It was an amazing feeling after not riding a coaster since October whenCedar Point closed!


We definitely recommend trying this, especially if you are craving adrenaline or are just bored this winter. The Chalet Toboggan Chutes are open until March 5, so be sure to make a trip out there before they close.


For more info: Click Here!

Something else to keep in mind is that they require you to wear gloves and boots in order to ride. We hope you enjoyed this article and decide to make the trip there!

-Written by staff member Jenny Fiedler

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