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Lightning Rod Roundup 2 Over the weekend, Coaster Crew had its first event of the year at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This event, Lightning Rod Roundup 2, occurred on Saturday (Dollywood’s opening day). Last year, we had a very similar event, but unfortunately Lightning Rod was not operating that day. We were really hoping […]

The one on an Island

Beau Berni from The Island in Pigeon Forge, the home of the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel comes on the show to give us some incite on The Island.  Clint, Legend, and Intern Drew talk news including Cedar Points second busiest day on record, Kentucky Kingdom running some rides, and much more.

Clint Novak and The Legend go over all the news they missed early in the week.  They talk about Knotts moving there Windseeker to another Cedar Fair park, Cedar Fair teasing some of there 2014 attractions, D23 news, Universal Studios news, and much more.  A listener calls Clint out on his opinion of Vortex and […]

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