Tag Blog: Six Flags Over Georgia

  Six Flags Over Georgia’s Holiday in the Park kicked off this past weekend.  This is their second year being open for the holidays and they have expanded with more shows, more decorations, and more themed lands.  Opening day held mild temperatures and low crowds – an excellent combination for exploring the holiday offerings and […]

The one with Announcements

Drew the Intern is locked out of his appartment so he joins us to talk about all the announcements over the last week witch included:  all Six Flags Parks, Dorney Park, Cedar Point, Canadas Wonderland, Worlds of Fun and Carowinds.  We also talk more about issues at SeaWorld Entertainment in trouble and signs from Busch […]

Clint Novak and The Legend go over all the news they missed early in the week.  They talk about Knotts moving there Windseeker to another Cedar Fair park, Cedar Fair teasing some of there 2014 attractions, D23 news, Universal Studios news, and much more.  A listener calls Clint out on his opinion of Vortex and […]

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